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Threestokes Guide  

Each make is shown for a period of ten years of production with each model being listed individually. Current retail valuations are based on make, age, condition and proven demand. Estimated valuations are given in two columns - Retail and Trade - defined as
Retail Valuation
For motors in exceptionally fine condition for their age, such motors should normally be covered by a guarantee after purchase. The valuation includes VAT at the current rate of 15% on the difference between purchase and selling price.
Trade Valuation
For the above motors is set at 30% below the Retail price. Dealers will no doubt calculate this value against the 'deal' they are working upon and the profit margin they wish to achieve.

All valuations are for outboards used predominately in fresh water. Valuations for outboards used in salt water can be anything from 5% - 10% lower, dependent upon condition.

It must be emphasised that no price is claimed by the Publishers as final or absolute. Values of outboard motors and PWC's will always depend upon the interaction of the condition of each machine and varying pressures upon the buyer and seller. Each Marine Dealer will always make their own assessment of both retail and trade-in prices, taking account of all variables including their risk in clearing the motor traded-in, the burden of the guarantee that they give, plus their own determination to remain profitable.

The following signs or abbreviations are used within this publication:
CR   Counter rotating     E  Electric
 Eft  Electronic fuel injection   FS/4S  Four Stroke
L/S  Long Shaft    PT  Power Trim
RC   Remote Control




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